Honor Band 5 mini: Review

Honor Band 5 mini

As we recently learned (it was in the news on our website), many buyers do not see the difference between fitness bracelets and smartwatches and just buy what is cheaper. In fact, since the bracelets acquired displays, the boundaries between the definitions of gadgets began to blur. Today we will see what a modern fitness bracelet is capable of.

With the release of Honor Band 5, the company is trying to compete with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, which costs the same ruble-in-ruble (judging by official prices, at least). But the bracelets under the Huawei brand (do not confuse it with Honor, in this case they are different things) are both more expensive and cooler in filling, but not all buyers see the point in spending 5 thousand or more on such a device.

The Honor Band 5 looks much simpler and “cheaper” than the very similar in design Huawei Band 3. I would even say that live (in contrast to the images drawn on the computer and even photos) it seems a little toy – and all because of too simple strap. Nevertheless, the manufacturer claims water resistance to 50 meters of depth – and this is an adult way.
Honor Band 5 mini
The display is an AMOLED color screen (without PenTile) with a diagonal of 0.95 “and a resolution of 120×240 pixels – the characteristics are the same as in Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, and this is enough to display basic information. But the brightness of the Xiaomi bracelet is slightly ahead.
True, the available brightness is enough to make out letters and symbols on the bracelet even in sunny weather, while also not to “burn out” the eyes at night. The only minus in comparison with the more expensive Huawei Band 3 – in sunny weather, the color graphics from the menu look much duller on the screen. The rest of the screen is the “golden mean”. Yes, and brightness control is present in the settings (as well as the option to “reduce brightness at night”).Honor Band 5 mini
The screen does not light constantly (and I did not find such a setting in the corporate application), but it turns on if you raise your wrist. It doesn’t always work – sometimes to display you need to sharply wave your hand in the style, as if you are tipping a glass inside your vodka on tomato juice.
And in the bracelet settings (and in the app), you can change the dials – and due to the fact that this is, first of all, a fitness bracelet, almost all of them contain information about the steps taken at least, and in addition they can show the distance traveled, reset due to walking calories (approximately, of course), the current date. There is one dial with weather display.

There is no deep tuning of the dials – the user will have to choose from those options that are laid down by the manufacturer (firmware updates add new ones).Honor Band 5 mini

The bracelet is controlled by a single touch button below the screen, plus, and the screen itself is also touch-sensitive. You can select items by touching and flipping through the movement, almost like on a smartphone screen. Scrolling up and down is the choice of a menu item and settings. Scrolling right from the main screen opens a list of recent messages.

To read a message, click on it in the list, then move your finger to the right to hide.


To use the bracelet, you need to install the Huawei Health app for Android and iOS.

The most obvious function in this bracelet is step counting. True, do not expect super-precision – yes, on the one hand, the bracelet will not count typing on the keyboard as steps, and it will count steps when your smartphone is lying on charge. On the other hand, you can just sit and wave your hand – and this bracelet will confuse with steps.

There are no complaints about heart rate measurement, although this is also not the accuracy of a medical device. In general., The figures are believable (as in other bracelets, however).Honor Band 5 mini

As for sleep measurement, with the “Huawei TruSleep” mode turned on, the bracelet somehow counted me 10.5 hours of sleep, although it was on this night that I took it off. But so he is not always mistaken. To be honest, the calculation of sleep in Huawei and Honor bracelets is already much more accurate and detailed than in Xiaomi. And not all users are normal in order to sleep with a bracelet on his hand. For me personally, this is uncomfortable, but no matter what you do for the sake of review …Honor Band 5 mini

Separately, the “Training” mode is provided in the bracelet, where you can choose many types of activities – from banal walking or running, to riding a bicycle or swimming. True, if you are in the gym and “ride” a bicycle nailed to the floor, then your activity will not be taken into account in the step counting mode, and in the “bicycle” mode, the bracelet needs this bicycle to move in space rather than standing on location. If it stands, the distance, again, will not be calculated. For the rest, each setting offers only to select a specific goal (distance traveled, calories burned, or just training time) and set a notification for intermediate stages (every 10 minutes or every kilometer, for example).

For people who know what and why they need to do this will be enough. The bonus from having a bracelet here is simply in the form of a sign of achieving a predetermined goal, and of some motivation.

Personally, I perceive wearable devices more as devices in order to turn off the sound on the phone once and not always, and to receive notifications about calls and messages by vibration to the bracelet.Honor Band 5 mini

It’s convenient when, for example, you are traveling in transport and they call you, and the phone is in your jeans pocket. Get the phone or not? I do not suffer from the delusion of having to answer every call, especially if I do not expect any calls. If a colleague, friend or relative calls, this is one thing. Unknown number or spam? You can not pick up the phone or even drop the call.

The same with messages. Say, the previous bracelet from Xiaomi, with which I used to go, did not allow me to see messages from Telegram – only from SMS. There are no such problems in Honor Band 5, so for me this is another nice bonus of it. It’s a pity, of course, that only the text is displayed on the tiny screen of the bracelet, pictures (even stickers and emojis) cannot be viewed. But for this it’s already worth taking a smart watch. Unless, of course, it’s really worth it for you.Honor Band 5 mini

Best of all, Huawei and Honor bracelets work in tandem with smartphones … correctly, Huawei and Honor. Firstly, the Huawei Health application is built into the firmware of these mobile phones, so the smartphone never erases it from memory under the pretext of “something it eats a lot of charge in the background.” Secondly, for the same reason, the bracelet is always instantly connected to the phone and never randomly disconnected from it in any case. Thirdly, as soon as you read the text of the message on the bracelet, it is marked as read on the smartphone – this is not the case with other mobile phones.


I have been walking with the bracelet for almost a week (working week from Monday) and it has not been discharged (about 15% remains), although initially I did not fully charge it. The manufacturer himself promises 14 days of working with the included TruSleep functions and activating the screen when lifting the wrist. Continuous heart rate monitoring should be turned off – this is the most energy-consuming function. If you enable it, then the manufacturer is ready to declare only about 6 days of work.Honor Band 5 mini

Charging takes place from the USB port using the supplied adapter. Its advantage is that you do not need to disconnect the bracelet from the strap (unlike the Xiaomi Mi Band). A full charge takes almost two hours.

Honor Band 5 mini


Owning a smartphone with an EMUI interface (Huawei or Honor), the functions of the bracelet are expanding – you can control the camera of the smartphone. I have a different manufacturer’s phone and I’m quite happy with notifications, step counting and heart rate measurement.

I note once again that this fitness bracelet is from the category of budget models, even by the standards of fitness bracelets. There are more expensive options, where either more functions or those that are, work better (pedometer, sleep monitoring).

Specifically, in Honor Band 5, I was most pleased with the waterproofness and the ability to receive notifications not only from regular Android applications.